• An innovative program that helps manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and traders liquidate surplus inventory.
  • We help you profit from our specialized expertise and international influence.
  • No risk! No upfront costs!
  • We liquidate your excess inventory with personalized solutions specific to your product and circumstances.
  • Real-time tracking of sales of your products.
  • Move inventory through a massive system of sales networks.
  • Receive payments in an easy, timely manner.
  • Vendors who produce substantial amounts of excess or returned merchandise and need a dependable, long-lasting liquidation solution.
  • Vendors with a vast amount of product that they have not been successful in selling through traditional channels, and who are ready to decrease price to liquidate the merchandise.
  • Vendors who are going out of business.
  • Vendors incurring excess warehouse expenses to storeunsold product.
  • Institutions who need to eliminate consumer, retail, or warehouse possessions.
  • Corporations with abandoned or repossessed merchandise.
  • Non-profit organizations and charities with excess donated items that can be converted into cash.
  • Vendors with small amounts of inventory to liquidate.

How it works?

Why Cellular Liquidation?

Cellular Liquidation is the solution for organizations with merchandise they can no longer sell and are ready to liquidate. Cellular liquidation offers exposure for your merchandise worldwide via a reliable channel without interfering with your current sales networks.

  • No risk and no upfront costs. Process is easy and quick.
  • International exposure for your merchandise through a well-renowned and trustworthy liquidation company.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast payout options
  • Immediate sales tracking and reporting.
  • Several liquidation options offered to meet your specific needs.
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