Liquidation Channels

Website Listings

Cellular Liquidation utilizes, a successful liquidation website with over 100,000 unique visitors per month. The website provides comprehensive listings with images, descriptions, and pricing. It is a state-of-the-art resource that enables our clients to maximize profits. Buyers experience the advantage of real-time shipping quotes and the ability to purchase items from their wish list directly from our website 24/7.


eBay is an international market that is continually visited by retailers looking to purchase wholesale goods. There is even a wholesale section at Most product categories offer a wholesale subcategory.

If you have a smaller load of merchandise, we will list it on eBay with detailed information. Select a “best offer” price and view offers from interested buyers. In addition, we can divide the merchandise into smaller, more affordable loads to be acquired by multiple buyers. Or, we can also divide your load by category and list each category separately on eBay.

E-mail Marketing

We can market your products in attractive emails to an opt-in database list of over 135,000 wholesale liquidation buyers. Cellular Liquidation will promote your products to a large customer base by sending advertisements, special offers, or any other type of high-quality content that customers value.

3rd Party Websites

In addition to listing merchandise on, your products will also be advertised on numerous third-party websites, exposing them to millions of buyers separate from the network, and ensuring that your products are viewed by qualified buyers worldwide.


Amazon helps sellers increase sales and reach new customers, allowing them to list products in more than 20 categories.

Cellular Liquidation will alert the seller when customers place an order. You can decide to let us do the shipping, or handle it yourself. Upon customer payment, your profits are deposited into your bank account and you are alerted that your payment has been sent.

Social Media Platform

Facebook marketing is easy. We sell and promote your products right on your Facebook page. It’s as simple as a click of a button. With over one billion users, we will locate wholesale groups who want to buy your product.

Furthermore, advertisements on Facebook are personalized, allowing us to select the desired audience, and insert them into newsfeeds in a manner that doesn’t reek of selling or promoting. The results are promising. Fans will “like” your page, and the word spreads from there.

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